May 13

Nude food day update

As we all know nude food day is about coming to school with no packaging in your snack or lunch. On Friday at assembly we showed you how much waste we threw in the rubbish which goes to landfill, it was over 12kg of waste, which is a lot! After nude food day on Monday we went around weighed our waste and we had only 7kg! It was a great improvement as we cut down 5kg from last week. Cutting down our packaging and reusing containers is a great way to cut down our impact on the environment. So remember every Tuesday is nude food day, but it would be great if we could try to bring nude food every day. Stay tuned for more exciting sustainability news, including worm farms!
Jemima, Hazel and Monique  Grade 3

May 11

Nude food is awesome!


It was a great start for our first nude food day for the year. On Friday we weighed our rubbish produced over the day and we had over 11kg of waste. This Monday the 11th of May we had only 7kg of waste! A great start but we can do even better! Remember to keep using reusable containers to cut down our impact on the environment!