July 22

Borrow and Bring Back a Bag

Borrow and bring back Bag – To help our oceans

Barwon Heads Primary School is working with our local plastic bag free program to help prevent plastic bags entering our ocean. Plastic bags are a major problem because they harm the sea and hurt the sea creatures that live in it. They are one of the most common types of marine debris. To help further reduce the amount of plastic bags used in the community we are helping introduce borrow and bring back bags. The shopping bags are reusable and made out of recycled materials. They will be available at places such as IGA so that when people forget their bags, they can borrow a bag and bring it back next time they go shopping.

On the 7th of August between 9am and 11:30 we will be having a sewing bee for parents to come and work with students to help make some of these bags. Already around 100 have been made by volunteers with an aim of getting 200 to start the program with.

So if you have a sewing machine or just enjoy sewing we would really appreciate it if you could come and help out on the day. All fabric will be supplied. A plastic free morning tea will be provided. If you are free could you please let Mr Burdess or Mr Harris know by sending a note, email or just dropping in and letting them know.


By Nelly, Jarrah, Eva and Bella.IMG_0762

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9 thoughts on “Borrow and Bring Back a Bag

  1. Class 3C

    Hi Nelly, Bella, Eva and Jarrah. What a great idea! You can save money, cut down using plastic bags which will help the environment and save the animals!

  2. Oskar Gustafsson

    This will be a big help to the environment and Barwon heads and will help us save your money.now plactic bags cost money.keep up the good work.

  3. Calum Pate

    Hi Nelly,Eva,Bella and Jarrah.Good job on creating another way to recycle and save some money at IGA keep up the good work enviro team!!!

  4. Marley Cornell

    Hi Nelly,Eva,Bella and Jarrah. I think that is a great way to stop using plastic bags because now plastic bags cost money so it will help save money and we won’t be using plastic bags.

  5. Archer Phillips

    Hi Nelly, Bella, Eva and Jarrah. It`s a good idea to use the borrow and bring back bags! From Archer


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