July 26


Students in 3C spent Tuesday afternoon taking part in some re-vegetation out the front of the music room with the help of Mr Haslam. They worked hard to dig and plant grasses then added mulch to the garden. We’re looking forward to seeing this grow over the coming months.


IMG_0774 IMG_0777


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11 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Jack stevens

    Good work on planting those plants 3c!!i was wondering what type of plants they are .lets grow plants!!!

  2. Calum pate

    Nice work 3C on planting the plants but there is one question I have to ask mr burdess what type of plant that is?

    1. mrburdess (Post author)

      Hi Molly, hope you and your family are having a fantastic trip and are somewhere nice and warm! Can’t wait to hear more about it soon! Each comment has to be approved by me before it appears on the blog so sometimes it might take a day or two to appear. Looking forward to hearing some updates on your trip.


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