July 29


Hi we’re here to talk about our sustainability certificate. Recently we were awarded our first star on our way to becoming a Resource Smart AuSSI Vic school. We have been working hard to achieve this. Here are some ways we helped, the hungry bin worm farms, our turn off lights policy and lunchtime monitors, gardening and revegetation, Nude Food days on Tuesday, layer day announcements and our involvement in borrow and bring back a bag. Just to name a few!

Our first star means we’re on our way to becoming a five star school. Lets keep working hard to help our environment!

Remember that Enviro week is coming up August 30th to September 5 with lots of exciting activities during the week at school.

Calum, Jack and Sam


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7 thoughts on “Sustainability

  1. calum pate

    I like improving our school and i enjoyed doing the hungry bins!!! That was very fun and i would like to keep going thank you mr burdess for doing sustainabilaty things for our environment!!!

  2. Francis

    Hi mr berdess I think it is a great idear to garden and have worm farms. I have a big veggie and a worm at my house they are fabulous. I like to grow radish. I hope you can do more fantastic gardening have a good day

  3. jack stevens

    good job on getting a star enviro team and all helpers. lets try to get all the way 2 five stars!!!!


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