August 26

Enviro Week! 31st August- 4th of September

ENVIRO WEEK   31st– 4th of September 2015

Next week is Enviro Week and we have some exciting activities planned at Barwon Heads Primary School.

Monday :  Earth Hour  2:30-3:30   Have an energy free afternoon!

Wednesday: Active travel day. Any students who get to school in an active way can enter in to a draw to win some great prizes.

Thursday: Grade 3 students will be taking part in dune restoration with Barwon Coast.

Friday: Our team will announce the winner of the new Enviro team name, don’t forget to put in your ideas at the office.

Looking forward to a great week during Enviro Week!

August 20

Competition! Make up a new name for our school Enviro Team!

Hi we’re from the Enviro team, we want a new and exciting name for our group. To celebrate Enviro Week which is coming up soon we have decided to run a competition to find a new name.
If you want to put in an entry there will be a box in the office to put in your suggestions. You have two weeks to enter and the new name will be revealed at assembly on Friday the 4th of September to finish of Enviro Week. There are prizes to be won so if you have a great idea for a new and exciting name for our enviro team write it down and put it in the box at the office
Also just a reminder that Enviro Week is coming up from the 31st to the fourth of September. There will be many exciting activities on during that week so stay tuned for more information at next weeks assembly!

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August 13

Switch and Save

Our school is about to take up the Switch to Save offer where all our current ‘energy-thirsty’ halogen down lights will be replaced with energy efficient LED lights free of charge. This offer is open to all businesses and households and Bendigo Bank will donate $1 for every down light replaced in our community to any of our school’s sustainability projects. For further information on how to participate in this offer please contact our Barwon Heads Community Bank® Branch on 52541700 or simply drop in and see them. You don’t need to have an account with the Bendigo Bank. The replacement is carried by a registered Electrician free of charge although free replacement is conditional with having a minimum of eight down lights. If you have less than 8 there is a total fee of $29.95 for the electrician call out.

August 10

Art Walk

Friday the 7th was a very busy day at BHPS as we had our whole school art walk. Students had a very interesting and inspiring time looking at art work from all over the school and learning a little about other cultures around the world. What did you find interesting and what did you learn?



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