November 5

Borrow and Bring Back A Bag





Did you know that every year the Barwon Heads community uses over 100,000 plastic bags?

Some of these bags make their way into our rivers and waterways and can cause damage to our local bird life and marine life.

A few years ago the let our sea be plastic bag free was launched with the logo designed by students at this school and the jute bags.

This program reduced plastic bag usage by 25% in Barwon Heads and was recognised in this years Landcare awards, receiving the Junior Landcare Award.

The next step in this project is to try and further reduce the amount of plastic bags we use is launching these borrow and bring back bags.

Launch of “Borrow and Bring Back” Community Shopping Bags this Friday at Assembly

Thanks to all the fantastic efforts of a number of people within the community, 450 bags are now ready to be unleashed into Barwon Heads.

Made from recycled material, the local bag share scheme “Borrow and Bring Back” relies on the community returning the borrowed bags on their next visit. Bags are available to borrow at IGA, the school office, BH News-agency & Starfish Bakery. “Bring back” locations include BH Pharmacy and all pick up points.

Education and convenience is the key to change. Through this project we aim to keep the message alive within the town.

So next time you go shopping and forget your reusable bags, please take one and return it to one of our locations.

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11 thoughts on “Borrow and Bring Back A Bag

  1. Archer Phillips

    Hi 3c, every time I forget my reusable bags I will get a borrow and bring back bag! The play was really fun! Bye!

  2. Molly Nielson

    Hi 3C,if I forget to bring a reusable bags I can use a borrow and bring back bags,and I always forget to bring a reusable bag. And well done on cutting down all those plasic bags.

  3. Bella k

    Hi 3c, I have just used a borrow and bring back a bag, they are fantastic and I think everyone should use them WELL DONE BHPS.

  4. Pippa

    Hi! I’m doing a speach about borrow and bring back bags this post has given me some great advice thank you! From Pip


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