November 29

Grade 3-6 Concert




On Wednesday the 11th of November the Grade 3-6’s had their performance evening. Grade 3C performed and danced to two songs; Kris Kros – Jump, Jump and Walk The Dinosaur (from Ice Age). It was a fantastic performance with everyone pulling together and doing a great job on the night. It was a real team effort with everybody working hard as a group. Also well done to all the students who helped others to learn the steps who were away for some rehearsals. Thanks very much to Bec for teaching us all the moves and Miss Curtain for organising the whole night. It was also great to see all the other students perform, we certainly have a very talented bunch of students at Barwon Heads Primary School!

What was your favourite part of the night?


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16 thoughts on “Grade 3-6 Concert

  1. Calum pate

    Hi I really liked those dinosaur spikes and when I was doing the bit where it goes open the door get on the floor I fell into the wall because I was going to fast!

  2. Bella.k

    Hi 3c, my favourite part of the 3-6 concert was performing our dance and watching others, it was a great night. thanks Bec.

  3. saul high

    Hi, Saul here,
    I loved the concert and thought it was a lot of fun! It was a great experience and I would love to do it again,
    but unfortunately I can’t do it at Barwon Heads Primary School any more because I’m going to Geelong College next year in 2016!

  4. Alex

    Hi 3c, My favourite part of the night was when we performed the song jump and how it went straight into the song walk the dinosaur. I liked doing all the exciting and fun moves throughout the songs

  5. bella campbell

    the concert was lots of fun. I really enjoyed it. dancing was exiting and fun. the theme was night at the museum. everybody worked hard. well done.

  6. Quinn

    I’m Quinn and I liked the whole process of it and how it was based on the night of the museum and how all the animals came to life and my favourite was the Bears

  7. Emi

    great job with the concert barwon heads! Especialy the preps-2’s who most of them it was only there first concert!!!!Emi

  8. mrburdess (Post author)

    Great comments 3C! It was awesome to hear about everybody’s experience of the night and how much fun you had!

  9. Archer Phillips

    Hi everyone, the concert was amazing! The lights, the music, the dance… everything! I really liked walk the dinosaur!


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