March 6

Our Local Plants

Over the last week students have been looking at and identifying some of the local plants that we have in our beautiful coastal town. They have also looked at one plant closely and described its smell, how it looks and feels for their Writer’s Notebook. We looked at four plants that you would see all around Barwon Heads and the Bellarine. Coast Daisy Bush, Coast Pomaderis, Knobbly Club Rush and the Cushion Bush. Can you spot them below?

Choose one plant and describe it for us in the comment section!

IMG_1233 IMG_1234 IMG_1235 IMG_1236

March 4

Grade 3 Science Night

As part of the celebrations for Festival of the Sea our annual Grade 3 Science night is on again, on Tuesday the 15th March from 6:30pm -8:00 pm. Science night is a fun introduction to the amazing beauty and diversity of our coastal and marine environments. Explore and discover the Barwon Bluff Marine Sanctuary and its sea weeds, fish, molluscs, sea stars, crabs and a few surprises. What’s that fish? What will I do if I am a shark?What lives in the giant kelp?  Who lives where? Fun, interactive and some of the mums and dads might learn something too! Presented by Friends of the Bluff this might just be the best hour and a half you spend this week!

Parents of Grade 2’s are also invited to come along to our Rockpool Ramble on Wednesday the 16th of March between 11:15am and 2 pm. Once there we will have volunteers from Friends of the Bluff to guide us around the rockpools at low tide and talk to the students about all the wonderful exciting things that live there.

We are also excited to announce that on Friday the 18th of March we will be hosting a school’s environmental leaders conference. Students from around the Bellarine will come to BHPS and share some of the environment projects happening at their schools.

Festival of the Sea logo landscape