April 17

The History of Barwon Heads

As part of our inquiry this term we are looking at the history of Barwon Heads. Click on the link below and explore the photos from Barwon Heads past. What did you notice? What looks different? What’s the same? What are you wondering about? Post a comment!


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21 thoughts on “The History of Barwon Heads

  1. Beatrix

    I think the golf course is Mt Colite. The reason why I thought that is because I saw a picture of the golf
    course hotel with Mt Colite written underneath it.

  2. Angus

    I think the golf course is Mt Colite because I saw a picture of the golf course hotel and underneath it it
    said Mt Colite.

  3. Sonny

    Hi Mr Burdess,
    Barwon Heads is one of my favourite place around Victoria. I think we should stop polluting and take care of this wonderful ,environmental area. Sometimes I wonder about Barwon Heads history and create photos in my head and I think Barwon Heads would have been a very hard area to live in.Sonny

  4. Calum

    Hi Mr B,
    Barwon Heads is a great place to live in and doesn’t deserve marine life suffering. I know Mr B really really cares about the environment!
    Hope people pick up there rubbish!
    From Calum

  5. Hannah

    Hi 3B I think that when Barwon heads was new everything was different the Bach house was different
    The Pirate park was not there and the Bach park. I think ever thing is better now.

  6. Livvy

    I LOVE HISTORY! It’s one of my favourite subject expect for reading,writing,maths,inquiry and any other subjects that we do at schools.

    From Livvy!

  7. Livvy

    Hi 3B I can’t believe that the bluffs name was Mount Coolite before the bluffs name was the bluff.

    From Livvy!

  8. Hannah

    Hi 3B The history of Barwon Heads is so interesting I think the most interesting thing is the Barwon
    Heads hotel. Because it got burnt down then rebuilt. HANNAH!!!

  9. Taiyo

    Hi 3B, the Barwon Heads football club was made in 1922 just for a reminder.And the website that I searched was Barwon Heads football club Wikipedia.Taiyo


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