April 27

Take 3 For the Sea!

Students are currently writing a persuasive piece about why we should take 3 pieces of rubbish every time we go outside! Marine debris, particularly plastic, has a disastrous impact in our oceans on marine life and, ultimately, us. We can greatly reduce the amount of marine debris in our oceans by preventing it from getting there in the first place! We need to reduce and refuse the use of plastic to help our environment. Stay tuned for some awesome persuasive pieces about why you should Take 3!

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11 thoughts on “Take 3 For the Sea!

  1. Chelsea

    Hi 3B, I think that everybody should participate in take 3 for the sea. People who know about it should start telling other people about it, because if we do we can save the sea life. Chelsea

  2. Jahli

    Hi 3B, l think it’s really important that everyone takes 3 for the sea .All our fantastic animals will become horribly hurt.if you see any rubbish outside or at the beach pick it up and put it in the bin.
    Thanks Jahli.

    1. Beatrix

      Hi Jack!
      I’ve also been picking up rubbish!
      So I’ve picked up 15!
      12 at the beach and 3 on the way to school!
      BEABO! (That’s short for Beatrix!)

  3. Ashli

    Take 3 for the sea is when you pick up 3 pieces of paper and rubbish from anywhere if you see some in front of you pick it up and you will make a huge difference FROM ASHLI

  4. Beatrix

    Hi Mr Burdess.
    I think everyone should take tree for the sea!
    I also think that it’s an awesome idea! Beatrix!

  5. Hannah

    Hi 3B take 3 for the sea is we’re you pick up 3 pieces of rubbish or more if you don’t all the animals could get sick and if you do our sea could be plastic free. HANNAH!


    Hi 3B please try to pick up at least three Pieces of rubbish each day.scientist bleave that in 2048 their will be no fish left in the ocean.

  7. Taiyo

    Hi 3B people should stop littering because it is bad for the environment and marine life.So you should always pick up three pieces of rubbish.Take three for the sea is good for the sea,it means that you should pick up three pieces of rubbish where ever you go.From Taiyo

  8. Livvy

    Hi 3B! I think it’s a great to pick up 3 pieces of rubbish or more it doesn’t matter if it’s micro plastic, medium plastic or any plastic. TAKE 3 FOR THE SEA!!!!!!!!! From Livvy!


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