May 26

World Environment Day

Sunday the 5th of June is World Environment Day. To celebrate we are going to have a ‘wear green for the environment’ casual dress day next Friday the 3rd of June. And announce our new project!
This is a Landcare initiative where we will be planting native grasses, shrubs and trees along the fence line from the bike shed. This project will continue the great work we have been doing with our butterfly garden and creating habitats for our local animals, insects and birds.
So please wear green next Friday the 3rd to show your support for the environment.



May 25

Life Ed Van

On Thursday students visited the Life Education Van. We learnt a lot about keeping ourselves healthy. We also talked about the different body systems and how they help our body. It was great to catch up with Harold and many thanks to Gaye for running such a fantastic program.


IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1342  IMG_1339

Write a comment about one interesting thing you learnt from your visit to the Life Ed Van!

May 19

Estimation Jar

Well done to all the students and parents at our open afternoon this Friday the 20th! It was fantastic to see all the students talking about their learning and sharing it with others! There was lots of great estimating as well. The number of matchsticks in the jar was 100! Nobody got it exactly but Chelsea’s mum got the closest with 84. Well done Bec!


Estimating is like predicting, we can use our prior knowledge and strategies to have a ‘good’ guess. Look below and  estimate how many sticks you think there are in the jar! Post a comment with your estimate in the comment section below!



May 18


For our new writing topic we are exploring poetry. Over the next few weeks you need to bring in one poem that:

You love.

You can read fluently.

You understand what the poet was trying to get you to understand.

You can learn from it to create your own poetry.

Here is a poem I have chosen:


I love it because it reminds me of working in the garden on a cold winters day. The poet is telling us that planting trees is a gift for the future, for our planet and the people on it and how important trees are to our world. I can use the structure of this poem to write my own!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s poetry over the next few weeks!

Tell me what you notice about the poem Greening. How does it make you feel? What do you visualise when you read it? What did you like about it?

May 16

Lobster Pot Excursion

On Monday the 16th Grade 3 students went to the Lobster Pot in Barwon Heads to learn more about the town we live in. Maddie Glynn from Barwon Coast gave us heaps of information about the history of Barwon Heads including how the bluff was formed and how to look after our coastline. Here are some pictures:





May 5

The History of Barwon Heads

We’ve listened to lots of fantastic presentations about the history of Barwon Heads for our Inquiry. Students in 3B have been researching and finding out lots of interesting information about our town. For example did you know that The Bluff used to be called Mount Coolite? Or that the Mount Coolite Coffee Palace burnt down in 1929 but was built again in 1935 and was called the Barwon Heads Hotel!

For this weeks blog I want you to tell us one thing you have learnt so far about Barwon Heads. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!