May 5

The History of Barwon Heads

We’ve listened to lots of fantastic presentations about the history of Barwon Heads for our Inquiry. Students in 3B have been researching and finding out lots of interesting information about our town. For example did you know that The Bluff used to be called Mount Coolite? Or that the Mount Coolite Coffee Palace burnt down in 1929 but was built again in 1935 and was called the Barwon Heads Hotel!

For this weeks blog I want you to tell us one thing you have learnt so far about Barwon Heads. I’m looking forward to hearing all about it!




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17 thoughts on “The History of Barwon Heads

  1. Harry

    Hi 3B
    I have loved learning about the history of Barwon heads it is so fun I can’t wait to see what the other
    People are doing for their presentation.
    By Harry

  2. Livvy

    Hi 3B, I can’t wait until we go to the lobster pot it will tell lots more history about Barwon Heads. I love everyone’s presentation there really good! From Livvy

  3. Chelsea

    Hi 3B, I have really enjoyed listening to other people’s talks. One interesting fact that I have learnt is that mr G. Go lightly used to own the pub. I also didn’t know that the bluff used to be called mount colite. Chelsea

  4. Jahli

    Hi 3B,I’ve really enjoyed listening to all the presentations.One interesting fact that I have learnt
    is that the bluff used to be called Mt colite.Thanks Jahli

  5. Angus

    Hi 3b,
    I have learned a lot about the history of Barwon Heads. Such as Mt Coolite Hotel, Mt Coolite, the bluff
    and all the floods that have happened. It was great learning it all.

  6. Sonny

    Hi Mr Burdess,
    I never knew Barwon Heads history was so interesting.The Bluff, the Bridge,even the floods and many many more! I’m so looking forward to seeing the lobster pot! I never knew that Barwon Heads was such an interesting destination.Sonny


    Hi 3B I love Barwon heads it has been a great place to stay and live.even one hundred years ago it was a great place to stay

  8. Hannah

    My house in Bawon Heads was build in the early 1900,s it’s one of the original houses in the Main Street. It shill has an outside toilet and a outside shower for when Sunny Mum and I get back frome the beach. HANNAH!!! KYLIE!!!


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