May 16

Lobster Pot Excursion

On Monday the 16th Grade 3 students went to the Lobster Pot in Barwon Heads to learn more about the town we live in. Maddie Glynn from Barwon Coast gave us heaps of information about the history of Barwon Heads including how the bluff was formed and how to look after our coastline. Here are some pictures:





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10 thoughts on “Lobster Pot Excursion

  1. Livvy

    Hi 3B, the Lobster Pot was really fun. My favourite part is were you get to see and feel the animals and trees. My favourite animal was the ring tailed possum it was really cute! I can’t wait for the life education van! From Livvy

  2. Chelsea

    Hi 3B, I really liked the lobster pot excursion because Maddie told us lots of interesting facts about Barwon Heads history. I also liked it because it had a whole glass tank of stuff that divers found after the wreck of the Earl of Charlemont. That’s the ship that I did my project on. The lobster Pot was really fun! Chelsea

  3. Beatrix

    Hi Mr Burdess. I really like the lobster pot because it has the Earl of Charlmont. What a surprise when I got there. I didn’t know that I’d been there before! I always thought that it was a different building! BEABO!

    1. mrburdess (Post author)

      Hey Beatrix, so glad to hear you enjoyed going to the Lobster Pot! It’s great finding out about the town that we live in. Mr B

  4. Beatrix

    Hi Mr Burdess. I also like the lobster pot because I really liked the look,feel and pass around! My favourite was the seal fur. I feel really sorry for the baby ring tailed possum! It should of lived a longer life! BEABO,

  5. Kirsten Slater

    Hi 3B, sounds like you had a great time at the Lobster Pot. Tom said his favourite part was seeing Terry the Recycle Turtle…

    1. Beatrix

      Hi Kirsten. My class really did have a great time at the lobster pot! It was really fun. The best part of it was when we were aloud to go and have a look at everything! BEABO!

    2. thomas

      Yes mum lt was fun at the Lobster pot everyone had a great time at the lobster pot. I learn so interesting facts and one of the facts were vocals firstly erupted under the warte.Thomas!


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