May 18


For our new writing topic we are exploring poetry. Over the next few weeks you need to bring in one poem that:

You love.

You can read fluently.

You understand what the poet was trying to get you to understand.

You can learn from it to create your own poetry.

Here is a poem I have chosen:


I love it because it reminds me of working in the garden on a cold winters day. The poet is telling us that planting trees is a gift for the future, for our planet and the people on it and how important trees are to our world. I can use the structure of this poem to write my own!

Looking forward to hearing everyone’s poetry over the next few weeks!

Tell me what you notice about the poem Greening. How does it make you feel? What do you visualise when you read it? What did you like about it?

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20 thoughts on “POETRY

  1. Angus

    Hi 3B
    This poem makes me think about planting trees in winter. It also makes me think about trees making

  2. Jahli

    Hi 3B, I like this poem because it reminds me of being outside in the fresh air planting and gardening.
    I think Mr B and I have something in common. We both like this poem. Jahli

  3. Campbell

    Dear,mr b I think the poem is trying to tell the reader that the person is planting a tree and it’s just been raining. The tree is living and dying.

  4. violet

    Hi 3B
    I love the poem mr B chose because it makes me feel like a
    butterfly in wonderland
    from VIZO

    1. Beatrix

      Hi Violet. I really like the poem because it reminds me of my old house with the vegetable garden. But unfortunately all of the vegetables died. Well, most of them. I also like the name VIZO! BEABO!

  5. Ashli

    I love it when I help my parents and Nanna with the gardening because when the soil goes through my fingers it makes me relaxed. ASHLI

  6. Livvy

    Hi 3B,
    I have just been reading some of the poetry and my favourite is “Spooky House”. I like this poem because I grew up in an old house that creeked at night and I use to think that there were ghosts in my bedroom! I now know that it was just the old house – no ghosts.
    Thanks for letting me visit your class today.
    Amanda (Livvy’s mum).

  7. Beatrix

    Hi Mr Burdess. I’ve chosen a poem called Boggis,Bunce and Bean. It goes like this “Boggis Bunce and Bean, one fat one short one lean. These crooks so different in looks but none less than equally mean!

  8. Dan

    Hi 3B I like this poem because it makes me feel like I’m in the garden doing some gardening with my family.DAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Taiyo

    Hi 3B I like the poem because it is about gardening and I love to garden.And it is talking about trees are mare important than people think they are.Also it is saying that people should plant trees.From Taiyo


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