May 19

Estimation Jar

Well done to all the students and parents at our open afternoon this Friday the 20th! It was fantastic to see all the students talking about their learning and sharing it with others! There was lots of great estimating as well. The number of matchsticks in the jar was 100! Nobody got it exactly but Chelsea’s mum got the closest with 84. Well done Bec!


Estimating is like predicting, we can use our prior knowledge and strategies to have a ‘good’ guess. Look below and  estimate how many sticks you think there are in the jar! Post a comment with your estimate in the comment section below!



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16 thoughts on “Estimation Jar

  1. Harry

    Hi 3B
    I loved learning about the estimating it was very fun doing it in the gym but I got most of them wrong
    But it was fun.

  2. Chelsea

    Hi 3B, here are my estimates-
    Matchsticks- 50-90, 67
    Pencils- 80-100, 81
    Icy pole sticks- 800-1200 1199
    Money- 200-600, 457
    Dominos- 80-120, 94

  3. Dan

    Hi 3B,here are my estimates for the jars and for the first jar is the sticks,120 sticks and for
    the pencils,70,the dominoes 200,coins,550,icypoles,400


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