May 25

Life Ed Van

On Thursday students visited the Life Education Van. We learnt a lot about keeping ourselves healthy. We also talked about the different body systems and how they help our body. It was great to catch up with Harold and many thanks to Gaye for running such a fantastic program.


IMG_1340 IMG_1341 IMG_1342  IMG_1339

Write a comment about one interesting thing you learnt from your visit to the Life Ed Van!

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3 thoughts on “Life Ed Van

  1. Asha

    Dear Mr Burdess and 3B,
    Something interesting I learnt in the life ed van was all the body’s systems and the blood vain’s names. I can’t wait until grade 5 when I get to go again!

  2. Dan

    Hi 3B the life ed van was really fun,I learnt alot about your own body and I can’t wait until they come again.Dan

  3. Livvy

    Hi 3B, The Life Ed Van was really fun I liked the bit when when a few people including me to stand up and get given a card and you had to guess what you are and I was carbon dioxide and there was nutritions, waist, water and medicine!



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