May 26

World Environment Day

Sunday the 5th of June is World Environment Day. To celebrate we are going to have a ‘wear green for the environment’ casual dress day next Friday the 3rd of June. And announce our new project!
This is a Landcare initiative where we will be planting native grasses, shrubs and trees along the fence line from the bike shed. This project will continue the great work we have been doing with our butterfly garden and creating habitats for our local animals, insects and birds.
So please wear green next Friday the 3rd to show your support for the environment.



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7 thoughts on “World Environment Day

  1. Will 3/4C

    Dear 3B,
    You have a wonderful blog, it looks like you had a lot of fun in the life Ed van. Your life Ed session looks very different to ours we did a lot of fun things in the life Ed van. What was your favorite part in the life Ed van? Did you like Harold? (obviously yes)
    From Will 3/4C

    1. mrburdess (Post author)

      Hi Will, thanks for the feedback about the blog! I really liked finding out about all the systems in the body and how they work. It was also great to see Harold again! Thanks Will. Mr B.

    2. Beatrix

      Hi Will.
      I really liked the Life Ed Van! It was really fun learning about red blood cells and white blood cells! It was awesome to see Harold the giraffe again! I also really liked the movie called “ALL SYSTEMS GO.” It was really funny when they bumped into a red blood cell and the red blood cell said “Hey watch were your driving!” I really liked the end when we all got to pat and say goodbye to Harold!
      From BEABO!

  2. Sonny G

    World Environment Day was incredibly amazing!!!
    It will be terrific to see our wonderful butterfly garden extend!Sonny☘


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