August 19

National Landcare Award Finalists!

Congratulations Barwon Heads Primary School! We have been nominated for the National Landcare Award for our great work with Plastic Bag Free Barwon Heads and all the other amazing things we do for the environment, around the school and in the community. Well done to all students and teachers it’s an amazing effort. The winner will be announced at the National Landcare Awards gala dinner on the 22nd of September.


You can check out our work and all the other entrants at:


What would you like Barwon Heads Primary School to do next to help the environment? Write a comment below.

August 16

Let’s use Nude Food

Our schoolyard has too much rubbish in it. It’s not rude to eat nude food. Nude food is very important for our environment. But what is nude food? Nude food mean bringing lunch boxes that you can use over and over again and bringing containers that are washable to avoid using plastic. Here are some examples of good lunch boxes and containers.
So when you are packing your lunch next time try to use Nude food! Let’s help reduce our impact on the environment and the rubbish in the school ground.


August 3

Butterfly garden- stage 2!

Over the holidays we had a number of people busy working at our school. During the second week of the  Robbo (Robbo’s Excavations) came and dug up the grass along the fence line. A few days later the Green Army (conservation volunteers) along with Mr Haslem spent many hours mulching the area ready for planting.

The next stage is to plan what plants we will use and we will also be incorporating some posts from the old Barwon Heads bridge!

We would like to thank Robbo,the Green Army and Mr Haslem in helping prepare our garden ready for planting!


August 1

Plants of the Bluff

Here are four plants that we know really well: Coast Daisy Bush, Coast Pomaderis, Knobbly Club Rush and the Cushion Bush. Do some research with your plant book and find a new local plant that you have seen when you have been around Barwon Heads. Find out the name and describe it for us in the comment section!

For example I have found a lot of Bower Spinach around the town. It is a spreading plant and I have even seen it climbing on the fence in the teachers car park. It has diamond shaped leaves and can be edible!

IMG_1233 IMG_1234 IMG_1235 IMG_1236