November 30


Over the last few weeks we have been looking at 3D shapes. We have designed and built them using nets and looked at their properties including faces, edges and vertices.

Post a comment about what you have learnt about shape. You could write about the shape you did for your learning task, where you can find them in everyday life or something new you have learnt. Post a comment!





November 17

How Can We Reduce Our Waste?

Barwon Heads Primary School is focussing on reducing our waste and using less. One of the things we can do is bring along a lunch box every day, rather than wrapping our sandwiches and rolls in plastic wrap or a zip lock bag. You can also use a reusable drink bottle to cut down your plastic use.



Post a comment and share some other tips that will help reduce your waste at school and home.

November 13


Last week we focused on visualising during reading sessions. Visualising is when you create a movie in your mind to bring what you are reading to life! You can use the words in the text and your own prior knowledge to help you visualise.

Choose a part from your story that you are reading and describe what you see when you visualise the scene!

November 7


Over the last two weeks we have been looking at measurement. This includes length, volume, mass and capacity. We have done lots of great activities over this time.

What have you learnt about measurement? Post a comment!

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