May 22

Sustainability Videos

Last week you looked at some different news articles from Behind the News. Choose your favourite piece. Re-watch it and write a comment about what you found interesting, a fact you found out and something you can do to help the environment.


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8 thoughts on “Sustainability Videos

  1. Ethan and Isaac

    Hey 3B
    Our favourite video was elephant poaching. We both learnt lots like: how elephant poaching is such a problem in countries like Kenya and Zimbabwe. They use C.E.P.U. (canine elephant protection unit) to take down the bad guys that poach the elephants. There are less than 500,000 elephant left in the world. It was a good video and we learnt heaps.
    From Ethan and Isaac

  2. Jordan

    Hi 3B did you know Australia waste’s 200 kilograms of plastic every year that’s bad , I know how fix it please bring no food packaging to school. if the world is clean the grass is green thank you.

  3. Malia

    Hi 3b I watched plastic packaging and I found out in just 1 year the average Aussie throws away 200kg of rubbish.I found interesting that there was a mandarin already peeled in a plastic container.I can help the environment by doing nood food.from Malia

  4. Tommy

    Hi 3b
    My favourite btn video was dory in danger. I learnt that people are keeping clownfish as pets.
    From Tommy 🐠🐡🐟🌊

  5. MF aka Mitch and Fergus

    Dear 3B I liked the video shark nets because it was very informative about merine life in WA!!!!!!!!!!! we could pick up rubbish and don’t litter

  6. Xavier

    Hi 3b in my opinion elephant poaching should be banned in Kenya they use dogs to catch the xavier.

  7. Oliver.l and Jonty!

    Hi 3B, our favourite video was elephant Poaching 🐘 Because it was very funny, and we think ivery selling should be banned or at least reduced.We learnt that police services have invented new ways of tracking down poachers such as: dogs,drones and nature reserves.
    By Oliver.l and Jonty! 😥

  8. Harriet

    Hi 3b I really hope that ther is no more elephant poaching it is really bad because there is less elephants in the world and we need more ways to stop the poachers from killing the elephants in the wild. From Harriet


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