June 27

Nude Food

Our schoolyard has too much rubbish in it. It’s not rude to eat nude food. Nude food is very important for our environment. But what is nude food? Nude food mean bringing lunch boxes that you can use over and over again and bringing containers that are washable to avoid using plastic. Here are some examples of good lunch boxes and containers. So when you are packing your lunch next time try to use Nude food! Let’s help reduce our impact on the environment and the rubbish in the school ground.

Do you use nude food? What are some tips or questions you might have? Post a comment!



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11 thoughts on “Nude Food

  1. Tommy

    Hi 3b,
    I always have noode food. If you see any rubbish around the school you can pick it up and put it in bin.
    A handy tip to help the environment is to always have food in a reusable containers and use less rubbish at home.
    From Tommy 🍌

  2. Ethan ✌🏻

    Hi 3B,
    Nood food is food that is not wrapped in plastic for example you can bring biscuits in containers not in plastic wrapping or reusable bags for the biscuits. Why it’s good it’s healthier for the environment and for us. Did you know that most of our plastic goes to landfill but we could reuse it so try reuse your plastic.
    From Ethan Plastic πŸ‘ŽπŸ» reusable containers βœ”οΈ

  3. MALIA 😎

    Hi 3b I use reusable containers as much as I can. Make sure you use noode food as much as you can and try to rejuice the amount of plastic you use. Did you know that plastic takes around 20-1000 years to brake down and apple cores take around 2 months to brake down
    From MaliaπŸ˜ƒ

  4. Polly πŸ˜‹

    Hi 3B, I use no plastic everyday for my snack and lunch. Here are some tips:
    Take the food out of the plastic; Put yoghurt in a reusable tub; And bring your own bag,don’t take plastic bags.
    From Polly.πŸ¦‹

  5. GEORGIE πŸ˜ƒ

    Hi 3B
    I do not use plastic bags.
    I use noode food lost and lost because it is better for the environment
    And you will save lost of animals .
    When you go and get a coffee or a tea you an bring you own reusable cups and you have just save
    about 300 animals lives and you will be a super hero for that day and on so now you are going to
    Bring you own reusable cups to a coffee or a tea shop
    When you go to the food shop DO NOT USE PLASTIC BAGS it is bad for the environment
    Take 3 for the sea and be like me
    From Georgie 😎

  6. Oliver.l

    Hi 3B I always bring nudie food to school and if I don’t I always put my rubbish in the bin a way to help the environment is to bring your own bags to the supermarket and bring a drink bottle 🍼 To school and not brink plastic bottles
    From Oliver.l

  7. Bella πŸ€

    Hi 3B I always have nood food in my lunchbox.
    Here are some tips that help us to stop using plastic:

    1. If you think you need to use plastic use a container.
    2. We use lots of plastic so maybe we can try to reduce.
    3.why does there always have to be a 3!

  8. Polly. 🦌

    Hi 3B, I use noode food all the time. You can help by taking your food out of the plastic.
    From Polly.😸

  9. Hannah

    Hi 3B my name is Hannah and here’s some tips on how to use nood food.Get reusable containers. From Hannah πŸ˜‹.

  10. Minnie

    Hi 3B nood food is when food is not wrapped. You can use plastic containers and lunch boxes to so you can bring nood food. From Minnie.


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