8 thoughts on “Behind the News

  1. Oliver.P

    Hi 3B
    I learnt that a dogs smell is 150,000 times better than a humans and a plane took of from Malaysia to
    China and it went missing of the radar and they think it crashed about halfanhour after take of.

    From Oliver.P

  2. Isaac

    Hi 3B.
    I learnt that Volvo is planning to make all of their cars either Hybrid- so petrol powers the elactricity or fully electric. Also all of your glass cans are going in to land fill or these massive sheds to stoRe them in.
    From Isaac

  3. Ethan

    Hi 3B,
    I have learnt that the glass bottles we recycle is actually being sent to landifield, so that means something… we’re not even helping environment so I think that we should reduce the amount of glass that we recycle.
    From Ethan😋

  4. Tommy

    Hi 3B,
    I learnt that when you go on holidays you have to get a passport. It left me wondering when I go on
    a holiday to Queensland on the 19/9/17 will I get a passport.
    From Tommy

  5. Fynn

    Hi 3B
    I learnt some things about robots and that they code be doing some
    of our jobs in the feature like a pilot

    From Fynn


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