September 21

Ethan’s European Trip!

Hi 3B

I haven’t been writing in the past few days because my mum has injured her leg and cannot walk on it so other than that we have been to a place called Club Med in Opio near Nice. It’s a hotel with an all you can eat restaurant from morning to night. We did archery with my aunts, uncles and cousins. We were supposed to have done tightrope but it rained the rest of the day. On the last night there was a prize for whoever won one of the sports like archery and ping pong. I won the archery prize and mum got a trophy for setting up the trivia quiz. The trophy said “you won! (who cares)”. So since my mum has hurt her leg we are staying at my grandma’s in Avignon for a few days.




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2 thoughts on “Ethan’s European Trip!

  1. Isaac

    Hi Ethan
    It Sounds like an amazing holiday. Hope you mum gets better soon. Not much has happened but Mr B is really sick so we have. Fill in teacher called Mr A (he’s awesome). We also sent letters to our pen pals in Sweden, my friends name is Joel and don’t worry I sent a letter from you to Nicolas
    From Isaac


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