November 16

Share our Shores!


There is a new campaign called Share our shores’ its all about our rights and responsibilities of using our beautiful beaches that we are lucky to have here on the Bellarine Peninsula.

🐥there is  an event being held this Saturday from 2-4 pm and on Monday the 20th from 7-9pm at the pavilion 50 shell road ocean grove.

😎this event encourages dog owners and non dog owners to come along and discuss how we can use the beaches responsibly and in a respectful manner.

🐥you will be able to have a one on one time to talk to the organisation after they have made their presentations.

😎some organisations attending this event are

🐥Barwon coast who were the organisation that told us about this event, city of greater Geelong, Victoria police and cherished pets.

😎make sure if you want to come along RSVP to or call 5254 1118

There are posters around the school with more information if you would like to be involved.



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  1. Isaac and Jonty


    As you may have seen down at the office is a basket that is full of homegrown veg and fruit. If you want a piece of food you can take it, on one condition… you replace it with another piece of homegrown fruit only. We are doing this because it Is better the environment and we hope that it will persuade to grow you own fruit and veggies. There will also be food from our school garden.

    Bonus-there will be prizes for lucky winners who donate the most, the biggest and the oddest looking fruit.


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