November 19

Gardening Research!

On Sunday the 19th many teachers, parents and students came in to school for the working bee! Lots of jobs got done around the school. In the garden we were busy getting the worm farms ready, preparing the veggie boxes by adding mushoroom mulch and manure to give the plants good conditions to grow in. Once we did this we put down pea straw to keep in the moisture. Click on the link below. So many videos about gardens and schools that have amazing spaces! Watch some videos and write down some tips that will help our garden. I’d love to hear about chickens especially!!/topic/496480/sustainable-gardens

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5 thoughts on “Gardening Research!

  1. Edie and Bella

    Hi 3B
    Some tips to grow a garden are that if you are planting letis then you can not plant them two close to each other.
    And if you have leftover scraps you can you can put them in your plants to help them grow
    From Edie and Bella

  2. Malia🌺🍀

    Hi 3B,
    Soil contains minerals that the plants can eat the roots soak up nutrition that a plant needs to survive,
    If you have healthy soil you will have healthy the water there are minerals that a plant soaks up to survive. So don’t forget to water those plants of yours.
    From Malia😎

  3. Isaac and Jonty

    Hi 3b
    We. Had an idea that we think you would like. We thought we could set up sustainable stands to give and take for healthy food. Instead of throwing away the scraps we could make it into compost and sell it in reusable bags.
    From Isaac and Jonty

  4. Oscar🤑🤡🎮⚔️

    Dear 3B I lernt that the smaller the seed is the less it goes in and I olso i learnt that Lelettuce
    Needs lots of space to grow. From Oscar

  5. Harriet and Georgie

    Hi 3B
    We have some facts about the gardening.
    Did you know
    The ground is alive worms are best friends by turning the soli the water and air flowning
    Through and there eating or poo
    From harriet and Georgie


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