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  1. Fynn

    HI 3B
    Did you know that Baby Koalas lives in it mums pouch for a long time until its older and than
    the baby koala rides on its mother

    From Fynn

  2. mrburdess (Post author)

    hi 3b, we watched some videos and our favourite one was about ragdoll cats and here are some facts we learned, ragdolls have been around for 50 years, ragdolls are the worlds biggest domnestic cats and ragdolls are named because they are floppy like a ragdoll when they sleep. from Bella and Lila;) πŸ™‚ =^..^=

  3. Mitch

    Hi 3B we watched some videos about our favarite animals myn was about parrots and here are some facts their are lost of different types and sizes like budgies cockatoos they all have curved beaks for cracking open nuts and have two toes at the front and two toes at the back for eating scratching and climing they polish their trees with their heads and other bids know that the trees is myn and some parrots make good pets like bugies and Their are some facts obout parrots

  4. Malia and Minnie 😎🐬🐜

    Hi 3b we learnt that there are thousands of different types of ants they are very strong they have three body parts an ant leaves liquid behind so it can find its way back to the nest,ants live in groups called colonies. From Malia and Minnie

  5. Malia and Minnie 😎🐬🐜

    Hi 3b we learned about worms and their tounges ,worms do not have tounges but they have a stylet which worms use to suck out the inside of leaves from Minnie and Malia πŸ™‚


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