November 28

Nude Food Tuesdays

Nude food Tuesdays is back at BHPS! Make sure you bring nude food everyday but especially on Tuesdays! The Eco Warriors will be coming around during lunch to give out house points to students with no plastic packaging!

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2 thoughts on “Nude Food Tuesdays

  1. Isaac & Jonty

    Nood food
    On Tuesday we will be having a nood food day.
    There are prizes for completely plastic free lunch’s.
    The prizes are 200 hp.
    After you get the voucher return it to your teacher.
    Every week we will come around at lunch to see who has nood food. We will come round to see our eating areas and deliver the hp.We have 10 bins around the school so there should be no excuses not to use them.Every year one person in Australia throws away 200Kg, witch adds up to 2,000,000 tons of rubbish over the country. At B.H.P.S we aim to reduce that—100%!🍎🍌🍊

  2. Harriet

    Hello 3b on Tuesday we will be having nood food day some of the students in 3b went to the preps
    To see if they had nood food. If a prep brought nood food they would get 200 house points
    Lots of the preps bought nood food next we will be going to the grade ones to see if they
    Brought nood food

    From Harriet


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