December 4

Potting Basil, Capsicum and Tomatoes!

On Wednesday Deidre and Margaret from Barwon Heads Sustainability Group gave up their time to help us pot some basil, capsicum and tomatoes for our own gardens. They gave us some great tips and taught us how to do it correctly! If you were explaining to someone how to pot a seedling, how would you explain it? Post a comment below!

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6 thoughts on “Potting Basil, Capsicum and Tomatoes!

  1. Isaac and Jonty

    How to plant a plant:
    1.Get a pot and put soil and compost in it.
    2.Choose a seed and make a small hole in the soil.Put the seed in the hole.
    3.Cover up the hole and water lightly
    4.Water regularly.Make sure you put it in a place with lots of sunshine.
    A tip: if your not sure if it has got enough water you can check by lifting it up.If it is light it has not got a lot water.If it is heavy it has got enough water.

  2. Malia

    Hi 3B
    Steps to planting is 1. Get a pot and fill it to the top with good potting mix.
    2.dig a hole big enough to fit the roots in
    3.put the seedling in the hole and cover the hole
    4.lightly water the whole top of the pot
    Make sure to water it every day from malia

  3. Ethan and mich

    HOW TO PLANT A PLANT step 1 fill a bucket with some mulch step 2 poke how many holes you need step 3 put your seed or stem in the hole step 4 water the your plant till water leeks at the bottom step 5 leve your plant in the sun that’s how to plant a plant

  4. Georgie Ashlee🌺

    Hi 3b
    If you like to make plants but you do not know how to then
    We will tell you.
    So you would need some
    . Soil
    . Pot /vegan box
    And water
    You would put the soil in the pot/vegan box then make a small hole is the soil and
    But the seed in the small hole and keep giving is water but not to Mach you can put
    Your finger in the soil if it’s wet then don’t water it that day if
    It dry water it right away
    From georgie and ashlee


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