November 19

Gardening Research!

On Sunday the 19th many teachers, parents and students came in to school for the working bee! Lots of jobs got done around the school. In the garden we were busy getting the worm farms ready, preparing the veggie boxes by adding mushoroom mulch and manure to give the plants good conditions to grow in. Once we did this we put down pea straw to keep in the moisture. Click on the link below. So many videos about gardens and schools that have amazing spaces! Watch some videos and write down some tips that will help our garden. I’d love to hear about chickens especially!!/topic/496480/sustainable-gardens

November 16

Share our Shores!


There is a new campaign called Share our shores’ its all about our rights and responsibilities of using our beautiful beaches that we are lucky to have here on the Bellarine Peninsula.

🐥there is  an event being held this Saturday from 2-4 pm and on Monday the 20th from 7-9pm at the pavilion 50 shell road ocean grove.

😎this event encourages dog owners and non dog owners to come along and discuss how we can use the beaches responsibly and in a respectful manner.

🐥you will be able to have a one on one time to talk to the organisation after they have made their presentations.

😎some organisations attending this event are

🐥Barwon coast who were the organisation that told us about this event, city of greater Geelong, Victoria police and cherished pets.

😎make sure if you want to come along RSVP to or call 5254 1118

There are posters around the school with more information if you would like to be involved.



November 5


Hi Bowen! Thanks very much for your postcard. It’s great to hear that you are having a fun trip! we are all very jealous. Everything is good in Barwon Heads. The school has been having lots of building works and our new basketball courts are ready! In maths we have been doing problem solving with word problems. In reading we have been looking at different picture book authors including; Margaret Wild, Bob Graham, Bruce Whatley, Colin Thompson and Nick Bland. We have also been having my puppy Stevie in the classroom and everyone is teaching her to be a good dog!

3B can you update Bowen on some things that have been happening at school and any other exciting happenings? Post a comment!

September 21

Ethan’s European Trip!

Hi 3B

I haven’t been writing in the past few days because my mum has injured her leg and cannot walk on it so other than that we have been to a place called Club Med in Opio near Nice. It’s a hotel with an all you can eat restaurant from morning to night. We did archery with my aunts, uncles and cousins. We were supposed to have done tightrope but it rained the rest of the day. On the last night there was a prize for whoever won one of the sports like archery and ping pong. I won the archery prize and mum got a trophy for setting up the trivia quiz. The trophy said “you won! (who cares)”. So since my mum has hurt her leg we are staying at my grandma’s in Avignon for a few days.




June 27

Nude Food

Our schoolyard has too much rubbish in it. It’s not rude to eat nude food. Nude food is very important for our environment. But what is nude food? Nude food mean bringing lunch boxes that you can use over and over again and bringing containers that are washable to avoid using plastic. Here are some examples of good lunch boxes and containers. So when you are packing your lunch next time try to use Nude food! Let’s help reduce our impact on the environment and the rubbish in the school ground.

Do you use nude food? What are some tips or questions you might have? Post a comment!