May 14

Videos to Explore Sustainability

Dory In Danger

Gorilla Girls Recycling

Animal Testing

Elephant Poaching

Shark Nets

Palm Oil Problem

Plastic Packaging

Schools Clean Up Day


May 14

Growing Veggies

This week you will be planting your own vegetables. Part of being sustainable means being able to grow your own food! We are going to be planting spinach or lettuce, your choice! Read the instructions below so you know what to do.

  • Fill the pot with seed raising mix.
  • Water the soil with a fine mist (use spray bottle).
  • Sow the seed (plant it!) in pot and firm down.
  • Put in greenhouse with vents closed. Put in a light position but not in direct sun.
  • As soon as seedlings begin to emerge, open the vents on the lid to allow ventilation.
  • Keep soil moist.
  • Once plants are large enough to handle, they should be transplanted in to the garden. Harden off by removing the lid and moving to a sunny position a few days before planting outside.

What are your favourite vegetables? What do you like about gardening? What would you like to learn about plants? Write a comment in the comment section.

April 28


This term the Grade 3’s are investigating the topic sustainability. Sustainability means keeping our planet healthy.

In the comment section write some tips that will help keep our planet healthy. You can also write some information that you found out from your topic reading last week.


April 20

Grade 3 Camp at Soverign Hill

What a great camp at Soverign Hill! We got to find out what life was life in Ballarat after gold was discovered in 1851. Some of the highlights were going to Blood on the Southern Cross  which was all about the Eureka stockade. Watching gold being melted and reformed and so much more.

Post a comment about your highlight from camp and something you have learnt about the goldfields.





February 14

Growth Mindset

‘A person who  has never made a mistake has never tried anything new’

Albert Einstein


What a great quote! Growth mindset means we can build our skills in any area through persistence and hard work.

For example instead of thinking ‘I did a mistake’ try thinking ‘mistakes help me learn better’.

How could you use a growth mindset in your learning? Tell the class in the comment section.